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Enjoy luxury private tours in France. Go for a walk like never before with professional locals. Enjoy your luxury private Paris tour guide with English speaking licensed tour guide: museums, monuments, walking tours, Versailles palace…with skip-the-line tickets and direct access. Paris private tours are one of the best. Or if you prefer a private walking tour of Paris, Nice, Bordeaux, or anywhere else in France. For a private tour in Paris, you can have a private bicycle tour in Paris. Have a personal tour guide of the palace of Versailles, or musée d'Orsay, Louvre museum, and Notre Dame. During a full day with your guide who will explain to you the history and art of the city. Our guides are multilingual: they speak Spanish, German, Chinese, English, Portuguese, Russian, and Arabic. Together, we will tailor-make a tour that suits you, so that you can enjoy the most of your luxury private tours in France. Whether you are looking for a private Versailles tour from Paris, or a private tour of Normandy: we have it all. We have private tours in Marseille with guides for any type of excursion. Go on a visit to the Saint-Michel Mount during a Normandy private tour. A private tour from Paris to Normandy is also possible for a day tour. If you are on a cruise trip, you can reserve a private tour in Antibes in France from the port. Are private tours in France worth it? Definitely. You can have private wine tours in Provence. Or our private tour guides in Bordeaux take you to the French wine castles for a wine tasting atelier. Indeed, private wine tours in France are possible in Reims, Provence, and Bordeaux. If you wish to see many must-sees villages in French Riviera, you can have private car tours in Nice. All things considered for excursions with locals, our unique day tour guides in Provence are definitely a good way to start. Our French Riviera private tour can be tailor-made to take you to Eze and Saint Paul de Vence. Your luxury small group tour in France can also manage an excursion to see the Pont du Gard. Located not far from Uzès and Nîmes. If you wish to have France custom tours with several itineraries through the country it is absolutely possible. Our private guided tours in France are liked because of their exclusivity. Whether you are looking for a private tour in Amboise or a private tour in Cannes, it’s a good plan to visit France’s Unesco world heritage. Certainly, if you are a small group, we can organize for you a day trip through France. Whether you want to see the Mont Saint Michel, the Eiffel Tower, or the Loire Valley region. Or any others regions of France. Private tours in France with our travel guides are the best alternative for making luxury tours in France. Indeed with their travel experience, they will help you during your France tour for making memories. Why is it a great idea to travel around France with private guides? Because France is known for its cultural past, its streets, cathedrals, museums, castles, food, and philosophy. Also, you have a rural side of the country that you must see. The countryside part of France is worth the visit with a private local guide to teach you all the historical past. Despite Paris, known as the city of love, you have a lot to see and do in France. A local guide is there for you to help you see the essentials of the must-see in France. However, we can propose you private tours from Paris to Normandy. Secondly luxury private tours in Paris for families and friends. Also, wine tours in different regions of France with local guides. We organize all your day trips for you and your luxury small group tours in France as vacation packages. Our private tours in France are designed to accommodate the youngest and the eldest.

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Firstly, our guides have a vast knowledge of France. They are all state-approved and registered with the National Register of Tourist Guides of France. They have trustworthy relationships with many tourist places to visit in France and can therefore open doors for you to very privileged places. Secondly, our guides are locals, and as part of their guiding work, they have developed trustworthy partnerships. Indeed our guides will lead you. The best craftsmen, workers of France, vineyard owners, and farmers. They will make you discover their know-how. You will have direct access to the local production of quality products in all regions of France. Thirdly, the expertise of our guides for you is tailor-made. Indeed, they can design a special itinerary according to your theme. You can also give them carte blanche to organize an itinerary over several regions. The guides are experts in their regions, they know perfectly the best periods and seasons to see and enjoy places of interest. Depending on the time of the year, they will be able to advise you perfectly. Fourthly, whether you want to visit vineyards, buy wine from local producers, or participate in a wine tasting. Our guides, especially in Bordeaux, have quality partnerships with the big wine houses as well as the smaller local producers. Our guides in Bordeaux and in the French Riviera will give you privileged access to the owners. Winegrowers and other sommeliers. Our guides are used to working in the luxury travel industry. Mercedes vans can be made available for every stage of your excursions. They are able to react very quickly to all your requirements. Also, the qualitative experience of our guides brings anticipation in their organization of your tour. Indeed, our guides are always listening to your needs even the most demanding. Whether you are looking for original tours of Paris or more intimate tours, discover all our guides and their offers. Find out more about our services: Our luxury holiday homes in France Best boutique hotels in France Things to do in France

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Sylvie de Cristo - French Riviera

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Sylvie de Cristo - French Riviera

  •   Private tours in French Riviera
  •   Number of Guided Tours: 9
  •   Minimum Age Required: Ask us
  •   Speaking: English , Spanish , Italian
  •   Language: English

After growing and studying in near-by Provence, I decided that the French Riviera would become my new playground and I have been guiding here since 1983.
This is when working became a real passion!

After 14 years of intense work for the main Destination Managing Companies (DMC) of this region to build up my own experience, I decided to create my own association of fully licensed and experienced guides to increase the quality of professional guiding.

Since 1998, we have been welcoming many of the 6 million annual tourists enjoying our beautiful corner of the world with enthusiasm and a great smile.

Most of them still remember us, became repeaters, and send us their relatives with proud and raving comments. Many of our previous guests have even become very close friends.

Every tour proposes you a travel into time with the history of each town, a deep cultural inside of the region since the greeks and the romans, and the discovery of the French local patrimony.
Being a licensed guide by the French government since 1983, I can tell you the fascinating history of the region starting 2, 600 years ago, or make a detailed visit of any art museum from St Tropez to Menton or even make you enjoy the local wine and famous gastronomy of Provence.
Eating in a fine restaurant and tasting our delicious wine can be quite a fun way to discover our local richnesses!
It all depends on what you prefer!

You always get my personalized attention from beginning to end, because I am a “one person company”. You deal with me and no one else.
If you are on a cruise ship docking a few hours, my private tours are the best way of discovering as much as possible in your time frame without risk of missing the ship.
I know every nook and cranny of the French Riviera and most of its « off the beaten tracks » fabulous sites.
I am an expert in avoiding traffic and long lines, it is more fun for both of us!

Being a French native, I love to explain what French people are like and why they differ from the rest of the world. With me, the « French Paradox » will not be a mystery anymore and you will get the answers to many questions you have always wondered about the French such as: why do the French close their shutters every night, why do they say « Bonjour » and « Au revoir » when entering a shop, or why local waiters will never bring you the check to your table… and many other questions you surely have about the French.

I like to share my knowledge about the French way of life, the long French history, our traditions and habits, from how to buy and drink good French wines to how to wear a scarf in many different ways.

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