Things to do in Provence

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Things to do in Provence. If you ever wondered what to do in Provence, well you are on the good page! Indeed, Provence is a region of southern France rich in culture and history. We will show you in this article the Provence best places to visit. But yet, all the activities and Provence attractions that we have for you. The advantage of Provence its the proximity with all the must-sees spots all around in the South of France.

If you don't know where is Provence, Provence is located in the PACA region. Region in which Nice, Cannes and Saint-Tropez are located along the coast. Marseille is the capital and in the hinterland, you have cities like Aix en Provence, Avignon or Saint-Rémy. During your holiday in the South of France, you will know the things to see in Provence before you pack your luggages for a flight to France. So here what the things to do in Provence.

What's the best time to visit Provence?

The best time to visit Provence is mainly in summer. Indeed in summer, you can do everything, including the lavender fields. While in winter you will have beautiful sights to visit in Provence but you will not have all the attractions to do in Provence. So we advise you to choose the summer in Provence. Whether you wondering what to do in Provence in August or what to do in Provence in May, you will be at the right time to choose outdoor excursions. Which is really important for a complete immersion in Provence.

Things to do in Provence

Lavender fields in Provence

Among the Provence things to do, Lavender fields are one of the best attractions you can do. Where are the lavender fields in France? Essentially located in Valensole where you will find wonderful landscape of lavender fields but also sunflowers fields. The lavender Provence season are between June and August, the summum are in July. This is during this time the lavender fields are in bloom and so the best time if you want to make amazing photos. So we advise you not to come in september if you want to see the lavender fields.

things to do in Provence
Valensole lavender fields

How to visit lavender fields in Provence? From your holiday villa rentals in Provence or anywhere else in the South of France, We can organize your excursion to the lavender fields of Valensole. A car with a driver will pick you up at your rental villa and drop you off in Valensole and drive you back to the villa. During this day tour, you will have a visit of Moustiers Sainte Marie. Our partner will show you the best of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, the Gorges du Verdon and the lavender fields.

Moustiers Sainte Marie, Provence

Firstly, you will stroll around Moustiers-Sainte-Marie up above the Sainte-Croix Lake at the entrance to the Grand Canyon of Verdon in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. Indeed, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie is ranked one of the most beautiful villages in France. Clearly, its sits at the spectacular crossroads of the Gorges du Verdon and the Lavender Route which crosses the Valensole Plateau. Which is famous for its lavender fields stretching as far as the eye can see.

Things to do in Provence

Moustiers-Sainte-Marie is also renowned for its earthenware and unique decorations and is celebrated for its exceptional blend of rocky terrain, rivers and lavender-scented air overlooking the gigantic Sainte Croix Lake.

Things to do in Provence, lac sainte croix
Sainte Croix lake

Gorges du Verdon, Provence

You visit the Gorges du Verdon, a unique natural site in Europe and a must-see stop for tourists in Provence. We invites you to get a close-up look at this magnificent site and the world-renowned lavender fields. This enormous canyon sits between the departments of the Var and the Alps of Haute Provence.

The Gorges du Verdon is the result of erosion of the Verdon river, an erosion which designed the bright, towering, limestone cliffs which attract many visitors from around the world.

Things to do in Provence
Verdon Canyon, Paletas Bridge

Here in the Gorges du Verdon, you’ll discover a grandiose site! In this protected region, rich in fauna and flora, the panoramic views are breathtaking. Aged old villages carved out in niches of cliffs hold the Provencal charm of times gone by.

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Stay of 3 days in Provence and 2 nights

Discover our pack for a luxury stay in Provence for 3 days and 2 nights . This proposition is very perfect for a short stay in Provence for two or for a group. From Paris or Marseille, we can include many attractions, tours and excursions according to your needs.


3 days stay in Provence

Sightseeing tour in Provence

Among what others types of activities to do in Provence, you can find great sightseeing tours of the region.

Albi-Conques sightseeing tour

Things to do in Provence
The red medieval city of Albi

Enjoy  a day trip to visit the largest Cathedral built on red bricks in the world  and in the afternoon a visit to the incredible spiritual village of Conques.

  • Admire the St Cecile cathedral and its magnificent interior
  • Walk across to the old bishop mansion and be astonish by the splendor of the decoration.
  • Visit the museum of  Toulouse-Lautrec
  • Enjoy  your lunch in the french countryside
  • Walk through the village of Conques and discover the incredible Tympan of its cathedral.
  • Hear interesting tales and get fascinating facts throughout your guide tour

Why discover the Sainte Cecile Cathedral of Albi?

Sainte Cecile cathedral in Albi
The vaults of Saint Cecile's cathedral

Built over 200 years, St. Cecilia's Cathedral is the largest cathedral in Holy Europe. Its fortress-like exterior makes it one of the most beautiful cathedrals in terms of architecture in France in the episcopal city and classified by UNESCO.

If you want to book a day tour of Albi and Conques

Private Carcassonne walking tour, Provence

Carcassonne walking tour
The city walls of Carcassonne

Marvel at the well-preserved military and religious architecture of one of Europe's most beautiful cities on a walking tour of Carcassonne. Among the things to do in Provence during your holiday in France, Carcassonne is a must see. Benefit from the exclusive services of a regional expert with years of experience.

Travel back to the Middle Ages and admire the thoughtful engineering used to construct the city's defense. See evidence of the most comprehensive and formidable defensive fortress on the continent. Walk  through the city's remparts to admire the construction throughout centuries of the 52 towers (35 internal and 17 external) from the Visigoth times to the 14th century .

Your guide will show the archaeological signs that pinpoint in which century they were built. Imagine the Archer's slots that were designed to crush the enemy, where molten and boiling oil could be poured. See the misleading stairs that sent the enemy into a state of confusion, and get an insight into the Cathar religion and the holy wars that raged in the city. Follow the visit to the Basilica of Our Lady of Nazaré to admire its interior Gothic and Roman architecture. Look at the unique stained glass windows depicting various religious imagery.

Why you must visit Carcassonne

Learn more about the Cathar religion and the holy wars that raged at Europe's most comprehensive and formidable defensive fortress in the 12th century and be astonished by the history of the Viscount of  Carcassonne and his  tragic destiny.

​What's included:

• Professional Guided walking tour  for 2 hours

Not included:

• Entrance fee to Comtal Castle (Château Comtal) • Entrance fee to the Museum of the Inquisition (Musée de l'Inquisition) • Food and drinksThis tour is mainly on foot, in cobbled streets, and requires going up and down stairs, so it may not be suitable for people with reduced mobility. -• Unfortunately, this tour is not wheelchair accessible - Please wear comfortable shoes (no high heels) -• Sunglasses are recommended in July and August- The price of the visit is set according to the number of participants per group.

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What to do in Provence during your holiday in France?

From Provence things to do, visit Saint-Remy village and the Baux de Provence and Arles are one of the best thing to do. Saint-Rémy is one of the most beautiful villages of France to see. You will have among the most luxury boutique hotels in Provence in Saint-Remy if you wondering where to stay in Provence.

Les antiques saint remy
Roman site Les Antiques, at Saint Remy

During this excursion between Saint-Remy, Arles and the Baux de Provence.

  • Through the Crau Plain, this itinerary will lead you to the Grand Rhône River bank where stands the ancient city of Arles (UNESCO World Heritage).
  • On the footpaths of Van Gogh, you will discover the roman remains with the amphitheatre and the antique theatre, Saint-Trophime church (carved portal from 12th century), the Forum Square where stands the statue of the provencal poet Frédéric Mistral, and also the Hôtel-Dieu (former chartity hospital) and Van Gogh’s Café.

Second step : Baux de Provence

  • Lunch on your own, in the village of Les Baux de Provence which kas kept its medieval layout with its narrow streets and the ruins of the castle. Possiblity to purchase the entrance tickets to the light and sound show about Van Gogh and the Starry Night at Les Carrières de Lumières.
  • In the afternoon, continuation to Saint Rémy de Provence, through the Alpilles mountains to discover its "Antiques" (Roman monuments) and its nice old town.
  • Possibility to visit the mental hospital of Saint Paul de Mausole where Van Gogh was confined.

As the markets take place in the morning only, the order of the visited sites will change accordingly : Saint Rémy in the morning on wednesday ; Arles in the morning on saturday. Entrance fees for monuments and museums are not included. Please note that the the tour can be delayed because of traffic. 

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Provence landmarks

During your Provence things to do, there are so many landmarks to see by yourself. Here are some of the must-sees.

Avignon bridge/ Pont d'Avignon

abignon bridge
The Avignon bridge

Built in the 12th century, the Saint Bénezet bridge is famously known as the "Bridge of Avignon". Today only a part of it remains, 4 arches, because the rest of the bridge collapsed. However it is famous for its nursery rhyme. The rhyme says that we dance UNDER the bridge of Avignon, why? Because the bridge is so narrow that it did not allow to dance ON the bridge of Avignon.

Pope's Palace in Avignon, Provence

Visit the Pope's Palace in Avignon is among the best things to do in Provence. Why? During the 15th century, it was the residence of the popes. It was the seat of Western Christendom. By its architecture, the palace of the popes of Avignon is the largest medieval Gothic construction. Several popes were elected in this palace.

Popes palaces in Avignon
Pope's palace in Avignon

Is it worth it to visit the palace of the popes? Yes, because its impressive architecture is worth a visit. Originally a windmill in the 13th century, it was transformed into a palace.

Why did the popes come to Avignon? Simply because of the political instability that reigned in Italy at the time. Avignon became the new place from which the churches of the West were ruled.

Senanque Abbey in Gordes

Abbaye de senanque
Senanque Abbey

This monastery still in activity is located in Gordes, it exists since 1150. The visits take place at precise times because it is still in activity. However you can admire the lavender fields outside. The cultivation of the lavender fields is organized by the brothers of the abbey who meet 7 times a day to pray.

The calanques of Cassis

Calanques of cassis
Calanques of Cassis

For a relaxing afternoon in a paradisiacal setting, the creeks of Marseille or Cassis, are absolutely among the things to do in Provence. With a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea, it is one of the most visited coastal sites in France. Different sites are accessible from the Madrague to Cassis. It is accessible by boat or on foot, a small hike will be mandatory to arrive on this piece of paradise.

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If you want to stay in Marseille to enjoy the calanques, here is some of our vacation rentals in Marseille. You can easily go in Provence by Marseille which is in the same region.

The regional natural park of Luberon, Provence

What to do in Luberon?
The Luberon region is home to five of the most beautiful villages in France: Ansouis, Gordes, Lourmarin, Roussillon, and, of course, Menerbes.
Overlooking the vineyards of Provence and lavender fields from the rocky hills, these Provencial villages are like none you have seen. With their narrow streets, cool fountains, and picturesque squares, a photo opportunity awaits you in each one. Other nearby villages which make up the Luberon Region include Bonnieux, Lacost, Oppede le Vieux, and Goult.

Natural park of Lubéron
The natural park of Lubéron

Also nearby, after crossing the bridge of the Durance in Cavaillon, explore further the entirety of what constitutes Provence: Saint-Remy de Provence, the archaeological site of Glanum (the birthplace of Nostradamus), The Center of Arts Presence Van Gogh, the St. Paul Mausol cloister, Les Baux de-Provence, the castle, the Val d’Enfer, the Carrières de Lumières. Explore the Alpilles with the mill of Alphonse Daudet in Fontvieille, Maussane Alpilles, Eygalières, and a little further – the busier Aix en Provence and the creeks of Cassis.

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