Our history

How it all started...

Our concept

Escapade Française is a platform and a network of contacts bringing together a strong association of individual French tourist structures on a human scale intended for lovers of travel, lovers of residences and authenticity all gathered around a single Passion: French culture.
A culture rich in diversity, as evidenced by its real estate, artisanal and industrial heritage. It is a culture that radiates through these cities and regions to diverse and varied local specialties.

We offer you new perspectives more human and intimate.
Based in Paris, we are a company with a responsible and ethical working policy: we do everything we can to satisfy you and meet your expectations.
We promote the economy of sharing by collaborating with the individual tourist structures of each region to promote the culture and local know-how of France.
You will have a 7/7 day assistance to help you prepare your arrival.
Sharing and passion describe the spirit of Escapade Française, We want you to discover new places, new landscapes, and facets.

Our members


Owners, ​ Fall under the charm of our residences and our exceptional guest rooms. You will be warmly welcomed by our guests in their home.
Ready to welcome you with open arms, our guests are passionate about their profession and have a taste for sharing. With their sense of hospitality, they are eager to make you discover their house full of charm and history.
Whatever your destination, they will be able to give you their good addresses: restaurants, shops, inescapable activities ... With our hosts at your side, our regions will have no more secrets for you !


Our Activities ​
Discover our inescapable activities carefully selected by our team. Passion, vivacity, and adrenaline will be there.
On the agenda? From parachute jumping to cooking lessons to mountain excursions, our activities are for everyone, whether you're with family, friends or alone!
We propose you a catalog of local activities but above all authentic and tested by us. These will make your experience, discover and perhaps even reveal a hidden passion.
No matter where you are, we will propose you the activities that correspond to your needs and you will never stop going from surprise to surprise. So don't wait any longer and discover what we have done for you!


Our guides,
Fascinated by French culture and history, our guides will reveal the hidden secrets of France and make you travel through time. Their role is to make you discover the most beautiful places in France while meeting your needs.
We share a common passion: sharing our knowledge and making you discover new sites and stories. Our guides are highly qualified and have state-certified diplomas. With them, you will live incredible moments.


We are a group of people who have a passion for creativity and travel. We work hard to offer you the best of what France has to offer in terms of individual tourist facilities. We have high expectations, and understand that we operate in a constantly changing environment. Our corporate culture is based on positivity, caring, instinct and respect. We are a company similar to the France of today and tomorrow.

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