Luxury villa rentals in Avignon

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Discover our luxury villa rentals in Avignon. Located in the South of France, Avignon is one of the must-see cities in the South of France. Naturally culturally rich and with a fascinating history, Avignon is sure to seduce you. Firstly, the city nicknamed the city of the popes is full of places to see such as the Saint Bénezet bridge better known as the Avignon bridge! Certainly, the Palace of the Popes, a Unesco World Heritage Site, is a must-see, and the Gardens of the Doms and the Avignon Festival are all reasons for you to stop in Avignon during your stay in the south. A 4 day's stay in one of our luxury villa rentals in Avignon is enough to see the must-sees of Avignon. We suggest you discover our luxury villas in Avignon for your stay.

Our luxury villa rentals in Avignon

Chateau rental in Avignon

luxury villa rentals in Avignon

This chateau to rent in Avignon with its architecture will blow your mind. The beautiful and vast park, with its numerous centennial planes, cedar, and pine trees, is the perfect place to unwind. Also, the pool will bring you a sweet freshness in summer. And you will make the most of many different places for siestas or readings in any peace of mind. There is an ideal area for everyone, adults, and kids either sunny or in the shade. Just enjoy the serenity of Domaine de Rhodes and birdsongs in the park. Indeed nature lovers will have everything they could wish for. Also not only the fragrances of rose bushes, lavender, and aromatic plants, but also the satisfaction of tasting some garden food for breakfast. Cyrille and Emmanuelle, the owners fell in love with the hunting lodge and the park.

luxury villa rentals in avignon

Located on Barthelasse Island, at the foot of La Cité des Papes, history is very present indeed. Certainly, different times blend together. Whereas the authenticity of this chateau to rent, an ancient hunting lodge dating from the sixteenth century forever remains.
Composing with 5 guest rooms, 3 small country Provençal cottages (called mazet), a studio, a gipsy caravan, and an apartment combine comfort, and tradition with a contemporary touch, for a charming stay in the heart of nature. The wide park with its centenary trees lets feels inclined to relax.
Being in the countryside, on the edge of town, is a great pleasure. You will be definitely conquered by the serenity of this amazing chateau. On the one hand, while making the most of Avignon and the numerous treasures of Provence, on the other hand.

luxury villa rentals in avignon

This castle in Avignon is ideal for the castle experience. For a short stay, become a chateau owner and live like a lord. After a tour of the town, return to the castle and enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool and relax on the sun beds.

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Luxury villa in Avignon

The most luxury villa rentals in Avignon

luxury villa rentals in avignon

Amaury & Gilles the owners, are delighted to welcome you to this divine villa to rent in Avignon. In 1919, the property fell into the hands of a large refractory brick manufacturer in the Vaucluse. He never lived there and rented the building to various notables. Amaury de Villoutreys and Gilles Jauffret acquired the property to transform it into a guest house and restore its reputation.

bedroom in avignon

Set in the largest private garden in Avignon. Located in the heart of a Provence overflowing with history, this villa in Avignon offers luxury accommodation all year round. More than just a luxury villa to rent in Avignon. Certainly, this magnificent townhouse features five suites which all invite you to take a journey through time and history.

Just a stone’s throw from the spectacular Popes’ Palace, there’s something magical about this luxury villa to rent in Avignon.
Blending elegance with tradition. Moreover, there’s also a touch of the unexpected about the place, adding a certain extra je ne sais quoi.
Take time to watch the koi carp swimming in the shade of the ancient plane trees. Or kick off your shoes and wander through the freshly-cut grass on the lawn, looking up to the sky – you’ll forget you’re in the heart of a bustling city!

gardens in avignon

The garden and the house come together to tell an enchanting, enticing tale of discovery and pleasure.
Pass through the open doors to enjoy the hedonistic pleasures of this luxury villa to rent in Avignon. Like a dreamlike, but very real, paradise.
Moreover this hidden, almost secret, gem offers huge rewards to those who take the time to seek it out!
What a reward once you open the entrance door.
• La Divine Comédie: treatments in the wellness area
• Swimming pool & Jacuzzi: Free access during the summer season

villa to rent

A luxury villa in Avignon with an impressive story

This luxury villa for rent in Avignon is the most beautiful and luxurious house in all of Avignon. The property is located on the site of the 14th-century Livrée of Cardinal Amédée de Saluces. Indeed he was the right hand of the Popes of Avignon and their ambassador to all the kingdoms of Europe. His entire "ministry" was housed there and worked in the annexes. It was demolished in the 16th century and the surrounding wall, still in place, was built with the stones of the Popes' palace. The north wing in which the kitchen is now located was built in the 18th century. In the 19th century, an insurance company from Marseille bought it.

Thus, and, in order to house its staff, built the present main building is an extension of the 18th-century wing. The house was taken over in 1919 by a large refractory brick manufacturer from the Vaucluse region. However, he never lived there and rented the building to various notables. At the beginning of the 1980s and for about thirty years, the building became the centre for linguistic studies in Avignon. Which welcomed many famous artists and politicians during the Festival: Jeanne Moreau, Michael Lonsdale and many others gave readings there. France Culture will also set up in the garden in July to broadcast its programmes. The association that rented the property transformed all the rooms into classrooms. In 2009, the owners acquired the property to renovate it completely. Finally, they transform it into a guest house and one of the most luxury villa rentals in Avignon.

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Your holiday in Avignon

palais des papes avignon

Book your holiday in Avignon

We organise your tailor-made stay in Avignon. We can offer you a guided tour of the city with our guide Clement. Certainly, he will be happy to show you the facets of this incredible city.
Among the things to see in Avignon, you will of course have the Pont d'Avignon which was awarded the Tourism and Disability label in 2016. The Palace of the Popes will be your favourite for its architecture. Indeed it is the largest palace of Gothic architecture in the world. Dating from the 14th century, visit the private flats of the pope and the fescues of Matteo Giovannetti.

Avignon, a city rich in culture and history

During your day the visit, the Garden of the Gifts is the break in your journey that you will need. Here you can have an ice cream cone and admire the swans in the water. Avignon is an excellent place to stay if you wish to visit other nearby places of interest such as the Alpilles. Indeed, you can enjoy excursions to the Luberon or to the abbey of Saint André. Finally, Avignon is well known for its festival which takes place in July.

To easily reach our luxury villa rentals in Avignon you can come by Marseille the closest or Paris, or Arles, Lyon and Nice.

Avignon can be visited all year round. But we recommend that you book our luxury villa rentals in Avignon for summer, spring and autumn. Indeed, the nice days are more pleasant for outdoor visits.

If you are adventurous and would like some ideas on how to visit Avignon don't hesitate to visit the website of the Avignon tourist office. There are some nice itineraries on offer. So don't hesitate, choose your itinerary from our luxury villa rentals in Avignon and go on an adventure!