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We propose hotels with a unique concept (yoga hotel) for retreats. Whether you want to unwind in spas with the latest technology or focus on relaxation. There are many reasons why you might choose a luxury yoga spa vacation and a hotel with a luxury wellness center. 

Our small luxury hotels in France are also perfect as a starting point for your visits to Paris or Lyon. Indeed our small boutique hotels in Paris are a good start for your stay in Paris. And go take some pictures of the Eiffel tower.

Enjoy a unique experience in our boutique hotels in France for your stay and perfect service.

Whether you want to book a luxury boutique hotel in the south of France or a luxury small hotel in Bordeaux. You will experience hospitality, cultural authenticity, and inspiring design.

Take a pick from our selection of France’s best boutique hotels. Our choices of luxury small hotels in France have that certain so french touch that everyone’s looking for when in France. Whether you are looking for the best hotels in Paris or luxury small hotels in Provence, La France has it all.

Whether you seek a luxury honeymoon on the French Riviera, a family-friendly escapade in Burgundy, or a weekend in Paris. Or maybe a stay in a boutique hotel in Bordeaux with a swimming pool. Our selection of designed hotels in France will ensure that your stay in France is seamless.

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We selected these hotels for their design and their unique concept.

If you are planning a trip to France alone or as a couple, booking a stay in a luxury boutique hotel in Provence is ideal. Whether you want to stay in a boutique hotel in Aix en Provence, or a luxury hotel in Avignon as a starting point for all your excursions we carefully hand-picked each one. Our collection of small luxury hotels in France has less than 100 rooms and remains true to the local culture.

For travelers who are seeking the authentic experience of living where they’re visiting: boutique hotels are the best alternative.

Where can I find the best luxury small hotels?

If you ever ask yourself the question “Where can I find the best luxury small hotels in France?” The first impressions that come to mind are Côtee d'Azur, Paris, Nice, Saint-Remy de Provence, and Bordeaux. But there are a lot of amazing design hotels in much more leisurely and retreating places among the most beautiful little villages of France like Saint-Rémy de Provence.

Certainly, in these small luxury hotels, you will have local organic produce fresh out of the garden. Our small hotels in France are made by renowned architects and often in building rich in history through the centuries. Afterward, you can find some exhibitions in the lobby of some greats locals artists and designers.

Small french hotels are great because you will undoubtedly find authentic experiences and a unique atmosphere for memorable memories. The boutique hotel experience is the feeling of living in someone's home because of the intimate size of the hotel. However without neglecting your hotel requirements. 

Are you looking for a luxury holiday in France that leaves you feeling relaxed and happy? Our boutique hotels are not affiliated with any chain. Our boutique hotels are privately owned or belong to small independent chains. They cultivate the “boutique” feel because they are too small to compete on name alone. 

Whether you are looking for extravaganza french chic or luxury retreats our handpicked choices are among the best. What constitutes a perfect holiday in France start always a good small boutique hotel where to stay in.

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Yndō Hotel Bordeaux

in Boutique Hotels in Bordeaux

Yndō Hotel Bordeaux

  •   Boutique Hotels in Bordeaux
  •   Starting at: 249 € / night
  •   Number of Room Types: 5
  •   Ideal for Business , Couple
  •   Check-In Time: 3:00 pm / Check-Out Time: 11:00 am

Yndō Hotel in Bordeaux.

Yndō hotel Bordeaux is right in the city center and is hidden in a private mansion that has been preciously transformed into a 5-star hotel. French elegance is in every room. Entertaining is art here. You will appreciate the welcome that Agnès Guiot and her team will give you, between luxury and conviviality.

The Yndō Hotel Bordeaux has only 12 rooms.
Each room has above all its own identity with customized decoration. However, two constant characteristics should be highlighted – an understatement for a calming atmosphere and the choice of high-end furniture made by designers. Everything has been thought out down to the last detail.

The Yndō hotel perfectly combines two periods forming its own unique identity – the late 19th century (molding, ceiling rosettes, and high ceilings) and the present, through the choice of furniture by renowned designers such as Tom Dixon and Hubert Legall. Note the presence of the “Cloud” table from Autoban, made of walnut at the owner’s request.

A selection of top-quality seasonal products will delight your taste buds. Everything served is made in-house. The restaurant is exclusively reserved for the hotel’s guests.

Let Agnès Guiot and her team take good care of you. They’ll meet your requests and wishes gladly and wholeheartedly to provide you with a memorable stay in southwestern France. You will undoubtedly appreciate the friendliness and enthusiasm that prevails.

Firstly cross the porch and stop in the luxuriant inner courtyard – each season has its own scents and colors. A charming place, ideal for enjoying your breakfast or drinking an aperitif. The branches of a splendid magnolia hang overhead.

Certainly, the catering service is exclusively for the hotel’s guests. Bicycles are at your disposal free of charge. Afterward, follow the “Things to do in Bordeaux” path put together by our staff and discover the points of interest in Bordeaux.

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