Guest house owner or leisure operator in another country?
Become a member of the Escapade Française collection.

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-No membership fees.

-On simple request by email, in case of dissatisfaction you are free to leave us.



-Increase your visibility on an international scale.



-Increase of your additional bookings per year.

-Putting the customer in direct contact with you.

-Active participation on social networks to promote your image.

The benefits of Escapade Française

Guarantee of trust between customers and hosts

- Direct links to your personal website.

- The opinions of your hosts.

- Location of your establishment and necessary details.

We'll take care of everything!

- Unlimited photos and videos to reveal your establishment.

- A central updating of the availability of your establishment ensured by us.

- The integration of your establishment into our collection.

Save time

- In case of reservations, you will automatically receive a notification by e-mail and sms.

- Each week a statistical file is sent to you to help you improve your establishment including the visitor rate on your establishment, the most popular services, the total number of reservations for the week, the total number of reservations for the month and year.

- Your turnover generated on our platform.


Receive 90% of the amount of the
services provided by Escapade Française
The application

Send us your application for admission to the Escapade Française collection by filling in the form below by the manager of the establishment.

Following the examination of the application file, a reply will be sent to you within 48 hours. Depending on whether your application is maintained, we will ask you to send us the last documents necessary to create your file.

Once admitted, within the framework of the standards of our membership criteria, a visit is made every 1.5 years in order to continue to guarantee the same level of comfort to clients (accommodation and activities tested by our team). The establishment will now be able to benefit from all the advantages of the Escapade Française and will also be invited to Escapade dinners and seminars.

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