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This sea trip from Porto takes you for 3 hours to discover the must-see places of western Corsica. Get on the boat and go for a moment of discovery and magic to enjoy Corsica by the sea. François-Xavier, the captain, sets sail for the famous Scandola Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site (you will understand why when you arrive at this site). During your sea trip, enjoy these small caves that you would not have been able to access by taking a large boat and the splendid nature that awaits you. As a cetacean and other fish lover, you may have the chance to encounter a whale, swordfish or dolphin making a spectacle of itself before your amazed eyes. Looking up, it is an Osprey that may be hovering over your heads. Do not hesitate to ask your captain about the surrounding wildlife, he will be happy to tell you about it.

Then, direction Girolata, a hamlet located in the heart of the Corsican natural park. Travel at a moderate speed to enjoy the steep, weather-cut coastlines along the way. It's time to take pictures and enjoy this sumptuous landscape.

Once you arrive in Girolata, a 30-minute break gives you time to enjoy the scenery. It is also an opportunity to listen to your captain tell you the history of this place and its legends. And to know everything about Corsica, he will also be able to tell you about the different geological aspects and biodiversity that make the region so charming. This break will also be an opportunity to discover a charming Genoese tower, have a drink or visit the souvenir shops.

During a return that takes place with a little music, after all the explanations provided by François-Xavier, you will appreciate in another way all this nature that flourishes around you. Here again, the speed is moderate to give you time to enjoy the show to the fullest.

For this sea visit, two departures are given:

9:00 a.m.: Early bird time. It is an ideal time to enjoy the freshness (all relative in Corsica) and to appreciate the sumptuous colours. The rising sun indeed imprints magnificent colours on the rock. The light is lighter, the wind less present, take advantage of the Corsican softness to start the day well. 2 p.m: it's hot, the light makes the sea even more turquoise, it's time to take the camera out!


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