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2 Hours

The ties between Paris and fashion are narrow and their history is intertwined. Place Vendôme is considered one of the most luxurious in the world. Its architecture is due to Jules Hardouin-Mansart who conceived in 1699 a strict urban plan to which the owners of the buildings had to conform. At its center stands the famous Vendôme column. Unique in the world, the square hosts the highest concentration of jewelers in the world. It became the symbol of luxury and haute-couture in France, and made Paris the capital of fashion. I will tell you the exceptional story of the great Paris fashion houses from Frederic Worth to Coco Chanel, including Charvet, Jacques Doucet and Paul Poiret. Discover the fate of Fréderic Boucheron, who settled in the square in 1893. He is a visionary and daring spirit. He knows how to create relationships with the most Grandees of this world: royal highnesses, Hollywood stars, courtesans. Between the streets of Peace, Castiglione and Cambon, we will evoke the famous customers of its houses, following the footsteps of the dandies Proust, Baudelaire, Cocteau, Diaghilev, Sarah Bernardt, Rita Hayworth, Françoise Sagan, Hemingway ...
Duration of the visit: 2 hours Appointment: Place Vendôme + This visit can be followed by an exclusive visit to a private haute-couture workshop (on conditions).

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Who can participate? Everyone
Price: 200€
Duration: 2 Hours hours

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