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What was Paris like in the 18th century? "Thousands upon thousands of smells formed an invisible slurry that filled the deep trenches of the streets" What if Paris has a scent? For some, "Paris smells like honey", "the RER B platform", "the Luxembourg Gardens" and for you? Did you like Patrick Süskind's novel? You'll love this fragrant and creative stroll, the first visit in "odorama" to smell and feel the air of Paris with real perfume essences. It is said that Parisians have a nose. Do like the hero of the book Jean-Baptiste Grenouille and, discover the lively and enticing olfactory landscape of the largest reserve of scents in the world: the city of Paris in the 18th century. This unique experience tour invites you to relive the plot of the famous novel in the magical centre of the capital. You follow in the footsteps of the genius from the popular Les Halles district to the Paris Bourgeois district of Saint-Germain-des-Près. Immerse yourself in the scent of wig powder, coach leather, tuberose in the carriage entrances... Breathe in the fetid smells of the cemetery of the Innocents and the hints of the tanneries on the banks of the Seine. Finally, discover the arrogant voluptuousness of rococo perfumes... Duration of the visit : 2 hours Rendezvous: + This visit may be followed by a perfume workshop at a Parisian perfumer's: you create your own perfume. The perfume workshop "It's Jean-Baptiste Grenouille in Baldini's studio!" This visit will continue in the workshop of a Parisian perfumer in a private apartment on the Ile Saint-Louis. Embark on an olfactory journey of an hour and a half. You will discover the mysteries of distillation and then train your nose to new scents. You will select the ones you like the most and, like the brilliant Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, you will create your own perfume: a unique perfume, the one that suits you!   Price on demand, please send a request

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