Things to do in France

Things to do in France are local and atypical. Organizing your days during a stay has never been so simple.

Choose unforgettable experiences to do according to the geographical area of France where you want to go: from surfing to cooking workshops in Paris, hiking, shopping, and dancing: we have a selection of activities with locals just for you.

Whether you want to combine this with your french holiday homes or you just want to book an activity, alone, with your partner, family, or friends, we have all the activities you need! Whether it’s at the sea, in the mountains, in the countryside, or in the city: we have selected a multitude of professional companies managed by French locals.

You are sure to find and discover the things to do in France according to your needs. And to live the French experience in the best possible way.

If you are making a list of the unique things to do in France during your stay. We have a bunch of good activities to propose to you. Indeed if your France bucket list listed the battlefield tour or a Mont Saint Michel Tour that is perfect. Because we propose among the best experiences to do in Northern France.

Also, among the unique places to visit in France, you have to the D-Day beach. From World War II, which is a must-see site in France for a day tour.

Whether you are looking for a cabaret show in Paris or vineyard bike tour in Nice or a champagne tour. In Reims: we have it all.

What are some things to do in Paris?

For example, a perfect day of cultural experience in Paris would be a walk under the arc de Triomphe. To admire the breathtaking views of Paris’s landscape. Secondly, go on a visit to Notre Dame cathedral. See the renovations of Notre Dame de Paris and the gothic architecture.

After that take a tour of the Palace of Versailles, and admire the stained glass windows of the hall of mirrors. Finally, go on a walk sightseeing tour around the Louvre museum and see the Mona Lisa. In addition, you can have a nice dinner in a good restaurant in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Most importantly, your day trips are the opportunity to discover the French art museums. Indeed, France has a lot of Unesco World Heritage sites to discover such as the Lascaux Caves. Certainly, it is among the fun things to do in France with family. 

Enjoy among many locals specializing in activities to do in French Alps. If you like thrills, discover the things to do in Annecy: paragliding, hot air balloon, canyoning, and many more. These activities are a good bucket list of things to do in France in summer.

Eventually, if you stay in the Cote d'Azur, find among the romantic things to do in France. You can enjoy cultural activities, and see ancient roman architectural construction, and the Ponte du Gard in southern France. Or walking through the old streets of Saint Tropez.

We propose to you among the best must-do activities in France.

Go on a Paris bike tour, learn how to make croissants, and participate in a perfume creation workshop in Grasse. There are so many things to do that you will have to come many times. However, even for the first time, you will find the perfect activities to do in France

Among the things to see in France, we propose you Provence lavender fields and an excursion in Provence. From Provence, you can go on any excursions to the French Riviera. Moreover, small town villages Unesco listed are definitely must-do cultural activities in French Riviera.

Particularly you can see the fine art and the beaux-arts in some of the most beautiful villages of France. While you discover the things to do in French Riviera, wine tasting is the must-do. Indeed you can bike through the vineyard in Nice with a wine tasting of course.

Speaking of wine tasting, among the interesting things to do in France you have the world-famous champagne excursion. Indeed, the house of champagne tour is one of the unique places to visit in France. The Champagne region is the only region in the world that produces champagne. 

Explore the Gorges du Verdon by kayaking which is one of the best things to see. Discover the Palace of the Popes and the Avignon Bridge in Avignon and swim in the creeks of Cassis near Marseille. Discover the city of Carcassonne, Conques, and Albi.

Visit the castles of the Loire Valley. Indeed, among the five attractions to do in France, the Loire Valley Castles belongs among the most famous places to see. Have a walking tour in chaâteau de Chenonceau andhis beautiful gardens.

During a day tour, appreciate the medieval gothic architecture of some castles and learn more about gothic style. Firstly, art and history are must-do activities. Visit the Chateau de Chambord which is open to the public. Also, the Chateau de Chambord is one of the top 10 places to visit in France.

Attend the Carnival of Nice and stroll through the markets of the old city full of scents. If you are looking for things to do in France at Christmas. In Strasbourg, enjoy a guided tour of the Christmas market which is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets. All these are the experience and must-sees in France.

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The Classical GR20 in 13 days

with Hiking in Corsica in Things to do in Corsica


Guided hike

The GR20 crosses the island diagonally following the high granite barrier of mountains that form the natural boundary between the two departments of Corsica. The trail offers some fantastic scenery, along with an insight into the authentic and traditional working mountain community. We may meet the last of the shepherds that still follow the age-old lifestyle of the transhumance, where by they pass the summer months with their flocks on the high fresh airy pastures and the winters down by the coast. LEVEL : Very athletic | SEASON : Summer | DURATION : 13 days  | PRICE : 1290 € / person

Programme of the trek

Niveau : Very athletic Day 1 - Sunday: You meet your guide in Ajaccio early in the morning. Transfer to the Bavella pass. We walk along the alpine variant to pass through the heart of the Bavella massif.  We are surrounded by peaks and ravines and the view is magnificent. Night at the Refuge d’Asinao Duration: 4h00 / Up : +810m / Down: -410m / 6,7 km Day 2 - Monday: We take the trail that leads up to the summit of Alcudina (2134m), our first summit above 2000m. The landscape becomes smoother while traversing the Plateau du Cuscionu. Night at the shepherds hut of Bassetta or I Crocci. Access to the following baggage Duration: 5h30 / Up : +710m / Down : -900m / 12,3 km Day 3 - Tuesday: We leave the plateau and joins Arête des statues (the statues ridge). We find our way between these strange granit boulders shaped by the wind. Night at refuge d’Usciolu. Duration: 4h30 / Up : +630m / Down: -210m / 8,4 km. Day 4 - Wednesday: We still walk on the ridge and overlook the Mediterranean sea. This long and great day leads us to the Verde Pass. On the way, we climb Punta Capella (2041 m). Night at the refuge de Prati or at the lodge Col de Verde. Access to the following baggage if night at Col de Verde Duration: 7h00 / Up : +790m / Down: -1240m / 14,5 km Day 5 - Thursday: We pass through some idyllic spots and visit remote stone shepherds huts. We walk between the surprising water holes of Pozzi du Renoso and continue easily to our lodge. Night at the lodge of Capanelle. Access to the following baggage Duration: 6h00 / Up : +850m / Down: -520m / 18,6 km Day 6 - Friday: By and old mule track, we arrive at the Palmente pass (1640 m).  We enjoy the magnificent scenery on Diana's and Urbino's ponds and a beautiful view to the east coast. Descent through Vizzavona beech grove. Night at the lodge of Vizzavona. Access to the following baggage Duration: 5h00 / Up : +220m / Down: -890m / 15,3 km Day 7 - Saturday: We walk up along the Agnone river and reach Punta Muratellu (2141 m). After this long and steep slope, the view on the highest peaks is a good reward for our efforts. We descend to the refuge de l’Onda that we can see far underneath. Night at refuge de l'Onda Duration: 6h40 / Up: +1220 m / Down  : -710 m / 11,8 km Day 8 - Sunday: Depending on the weather conditions we follow the exposed ridge of Pinzi Corbini (2021m) or we walk down to the Manganellu river that we follow upwards ; Plenty of bathing possibilities. A last steep slope and we join the small refuge de Petra Piana. Night at refuge de Petra Piana Duration: 5h15 / Up: +900 m / Down: -490 m / 10,2 km Day 9 - Monday: We first walk up to the Haute Route pass (2206 m) and then we follow the edge that overlooks the Melu and Capitellu lakes. After the  Bocca a e Porte notch (2225 m) we go down a wild valley to the refuge de Manganu and continue easily to the shepherds hut Vaccaghja.  Night at shepherds hut Vaccaghja. Duration: 6h00 / Up : +630m / Down: -890m / 11,3 km Day 10 - Tuesday: We walk easily through a beech grove and reach the Ninu lake surrounded by green lawns. From the top of Capu a u Tozzu (2007m) we have a fantastic panorama to the Niolu valley and the next stages. Night at the lodge Castel de Vergio. Access to the following baggage Duration: 5h30 / Up : +350m / Down: -550m / 13,8 km Day 11 - Wednesday: We penetrate the volcanic massif of Monte Cintu-Paglia Orba. The first part of the stage is easy along the Golu river. After the Foggiale pass the terrain becomes steeper and looser. Good bathing possibilities at the end of the stage.  Night at Shepherds hut Ballone or at refuge de Tighjettu. Duration: 6h00 / Up : +730m / Down: -720m / 13,4 km
Day 12 - Thursday: An impressive and strenuous day in high mountains. We walk up the Crucetta valley to the top of pointe des Eboulis (2600m). Depending of the weather and the physical shape of the group we climb the Monte Cintu (2706m), highest mountain of Corsica.  Night at the lodge Le Chalet at Ascu Stagnu. Access to the following baggage Duration: 6h00 / Up : +850m / Down: -520m / 8,9 km Day 13 - Friday: A short but steep slope leads us to the Muvrella pass and we descend the deep Spasimata valley surrounded by sharp peaks. Some exposed passages on slabs are equipped with chains. The Mediterranean plants appear again, temperature rises and the trail flattens out; a sweet end off our trip. Arrival in Bonifatu and transfer to Calvi.  Access to the following baggage Duration: 7h00 / Up : +680m / Down: -1530m / 9,6 km


PRICE : 1290 € per person Group  from 6 to 12 persons per guideACCOMODATION : In refuges, sheepfolds and shelters TRAINING : By a mountain guide (groupe de 12 personnes maximum par accompagnateur) FOLLOWING BAGGAGE : You must always carry in your rucksack hot clothing, a rainwear, one gourd, an emergency case and your personal objects without forgetting part of the picnic. The baggage of assistance (the following baggage) is transferred by our assistance which you find certain evenings with lodgings accessible by road. It contains  the businesses necessary to your stay (does not have to exceed 12 kg). Departures 2018 : Every week from the end of May* to middle of September This price includes: - The take in charge in the place of the appointment -  Transfers -  The full board -  The training by a mountain guide -  The transfer of the luggage between the accommodations (as detailed in “Assistance”) This price does not include/understand: - Personal expenses, drinks - The insurances cancellation and repatriation - All is not written in "this price include"

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  •   Duration: 13 days
  •   Minimum Age Required: Ask us
  •   Language: English
  •   Activity Conditions

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