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Want to discover Corsica in a different way? Why not go for a 1h30 sea trip from Porto?

Opting for this boat tour means choosing to discover places that make all the charm of Corsica but which are not necessarily accessible otherwise. Some, such as the Calanques of Piana or Capo Rosso, can be reached by foot by the most courageous, but lovers of relaxation and idleness will appreciate to access it by another means. Get on the boat and simply enjoy the show. François-Xavier, your captain, is at your side to tell you the story of the places you cross. Legends, personal anecdotes, all in a good mood, nothing is missing.

This 1h30 sea trip takes you through the Calanques de Piana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, nature is king, one can only admire the sculpture of the rock with its reliefs and cavities. Look up, a nest of Ospreys may have formed in the rock. But the ride is not over. It is at a moderate speed to give you time to appreciate and take pictures that François-Xavier takes you to the next step. Indeed, Capo Rosso is waiting for you to show you another side. Because if some have had the courage to climb up to him, a boat trip from Porto allows you to appreciate him from a totally different angle. Admire the nature that has shaped the contours of this magical place.

Look up and contemplate its Genoese tower, whose history your captain will tell you. Experience a unique moment by passing through the Capo Rosso cave (a possible detour only on a small boat), you will remain speechless.

It is now time to return to Porto, rocked by a musical background. Enjoy one last time the cliffs and the turquoise sea before returning to Porto and recovering from the emotions caused by this enchanting sea trip. And maybe during this walk you will have the chance to admire dolphins, whales and other swordfish on your way.

For this sea visit, three departures are given:

12:30 pm: the sun is at its zenith, which gives the water a unique turquoise colour. And if this walk whets your appetite, you can then choose to have a quiet picnic on the beach or lunch in one of Porto's many restaurants. 5:30 p.m. or 7:00 p.m.: the temperature is lower, but still as pleasant as ever. The sun gradually descends to give the rocks sumptuous colours.


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Price: 30€
Duration: 1H30 hours

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