Make your Own Macarons in Paris

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Our Cooking Classes in Paris

We could really call these cooking classes Market to Table in Paris, because this is how they are built. We first go to a local market, choose ingredients, go back to Le Foodist kitchen and start prepping. When the prepping is done, we start cooking. Along the way, the Chef shares tips, tricks, techniques – and explains why we do things the way we do. Both from a science or a cultural standpoint. After a couple of hours of hands-on cooking, it is time to share a meal together – lunch or dinner, depending on when you have decided to join us. All this with white and red wine of course, and a few stories. Below, we explain what we do – and why - in more detail below; so if you want to know more, you can just read on.

What will you learn?

Italian Meringue based Macarons Several Colors and Sweet Fillings Use of the piping bag A Fail proof recipe


Mon, Tues, Wed; start 3:00 pm; 3 hrs Sat, Sun; start 3:00 pm; 3 hrs

Followed by Teatime

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Price: 99€
Duration: 3H hours