"Travelling is when you decide to take some time for yourself, create new memories or make a fresh start after you've had a chance to recharge your batteries." Stéphanie, founder

Hoy hotel,Paris

How it started

Escapade Française is a platform of individual French tourist structures on a human scale intended for lovers of travel, residence and authenticity united around the same Passion: French culture.

A culture rich in its diversity, as demonstrated by its real estate, craft and industrial heritage. A culture that shines through its cities and regions as well as its diverse and varied local specialities by promote the economy of sharing.

Our company wishes to encourage you to travel in a more responsible way, by trusting real local partners, among the best in France.

Collaborators reflecting France's present-day image

We are a group of people who have a passion for creativity and travel. We work hard to offer you the best of what France has to offer in terms of individual tourist facilities.

We have high expectations, and understand that we operate in a constantly changing environment.

Our corporate culture is based on positivity, caring, instinct and respect.

We are a company similar to the France of today and tomorrow.

The world after covid: Travelling Ethically

If lockdown has shown us anything, it is that travel is essential.

And travel needs to do it differently now, by making sure that money goes as close as possible to the locals to support local economies.

Booking on our platform means accepting to travel in a fair way and to give a new dynamic to your travel habits.

In the same way, every year from 2021, 10% of our revenues are donated to a French association to allow children from the most disadvantaged families in France to go on vacation: Catholic Relief and French Popular Relief.