Welcome to your Frequently Asked Questions
Feel free to send us an email, for a personalized help.
The Escapade Française platform has been designed to make it easier for you to choose your holiday in France. To find accommodation or an activity, simply select first which part of the country you want to stay in: the sea, the mountains, the city or the countryside. Depending on your choice, the cities concerned will be displayed, all you have to do is select the city of your choice. Then, a selection of accommodation, guide speakers, or types of activities related to the region will be presented for you, free to you to make the choice that will delight you.
Some of our accommodations have coloured stickers; green for business trips, pink for romantic trips, blue for family trips and orange for trips with friends. You will be able to see its vignettes in the top right of the presentation of some rooms that we considered ideal according to the trip you are about to make. Feel free to write to us if you have any special requests.
To know what is included in an activity, you must read the description proposed by the partner company, in this case for physical activities or those that require some prior control. Escapade Française only does networking, all the descriptions listed are those of our partners.
We select our partners in order to simplify your research during your stays. We know how difficult it can be to find good local attractions providers without losing the authentic look. We select them on the basis of their authenticity, very often family businesses or associations of several small structures run by locals in each region. We ensure their expertise and test their services. They will introduce you to the secrets and backstage, the history of each landscape, visits, shows, recipes, monuments that you will have the privilege of sharing with them.
The hosts with whom we work are guest houses, governed by the code of the French Chamber of Commerce. They are legal, in accordance with French law and already have a good reputation that precedes them.
Our cancellation conditions depend on each of our partners, you will find in the description of a service a pdf link entitled: cancellations conditions.
Depending on the partner's cancellation conditions you will be refunded according to his refund conditions. The refund will be made directly between you and the service provider.
If you cancel your reservation, your refund will be made according to the partner's terms of refund. You can access his information in the description of each activity, or room. Available as a downloadable pdf.
If your host cancels the reservation, you will receive a full refund and we will quickly help you find another similar service in the area.
Once the reservation is made, we send you all the information related to your reservation, as well as the email, phone number and postal address of your host.
If you are unable to contact your host, please do not hesitate to let us know by e-mail, mentioning your name and reservation number. We will do the necessary, to inquire with your host.
If your host decides to cancel your reservation, you will be refunded in full. And we will find you accommodation or a similar activity on the dates chosen as soon as possible.
VAT is a tax on the consumption of goods and services, this tax is charged to the traveller at the time of payment of his reservation.
VAT is calculated according to the French rate which is 20%.
Unfortunately, it is not yet possible on our platform to pay in several times.
The price of your reservation is calculated according to the price put forward by the provider, the number of nights in an accommodation or people participating in an activity or a visit.
No, it is not possible to share the payment of your trip with other travellers at this time. We invite you to make arrangements between travellers in advance.
The payment methods accepted on Escapade Française are by credit card Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
If you cancel your reservation, your refund will be made according to the partner's terms of refund. You can access his information in the description of each activity, or room. Available as a downloadable pdf.
Our refund policy is based on the terms of our accommodation, local attractions or guided tours partners. Refunds will be made directly from the host to you, by bank transfer and according to working days. We will facilitate mediation between you and your hosts in the event of a payment dispute. But we recommend that you check the conditions cancellation section available in the description of the services offered.
You will be refunded according to the terms of your host, by bank transfer according to business days.
We recommend that you check with your bank to make sure that your limit is authorized and that your account is sufficiently funded. When paying, make sure you have entered your card number correctly and check the expiry date of your card.
In any case, we recommend that you contact your bank. Escapade Française is not informed of the reasons why a credit card is refused.
All reservation requests are subject to confirmation, once your request has been sent, the host must confirm your request. If the reservation is confirmed you will receive an email to login to your customer area, in order, and select your reservation and pay it. Only then will your credit card be charged.
Your Escapade Française customer area has been designed to simplify your reservations and trips in France with our platform.
Indeed, it is possible for you to find all your past or future booking invoices, to find all the information related to your stay, to modify the essential information concerning you. Thanks to your customer area, we can contact you if necessary and send you reminders for your stay.
In respect of your privacy and in accordance with the RGPD law in force in France and the European Union, you are authorized to delete your account whenever you wish. However, please be aware that we will only keep the booking histories made through our Escapade Française platform. For any additional information, please consult our Data Protection Policy.
To modify your information, simply go to your customer area by logging in with your login details, go to the section my settings, visible in the menu bar of the customer area and fill in or remove some information and click at the bottom of the page on save. That's it!
The information requested allows us to provide it to our partners with whom you have made a reservation. For security reasons, we will inform them of your name, first name, date of birth, city of origin as well as the number of possible persons accompanying you during your stay, and the language you speak.
The rest of the information, in particular the time zone or the language you speak, allows us to know with which contact person in our team we can put you in contact in order to facilitate our possible exchanges if necessary, and to know at which time of the day we can contact you.
Young children can travel on Escapade Française as long as they are in the presence of an adult who is their legal representative, or has the authorizations from their parents. Some hosts consider children as travellers and you will probably have additional costs but for any special questions please contact us by email.
Some guest houses do not accept children until they are 18 years old out of a desire not to disturb the tranquility of other residents.
We scrupulously monitor discrimination and respect for each of our travellers. Contact us if you think you have been badly received and discriminated against, we will take care of finding you accommodation as soon as possible.
We also remind you that access to the payment of our services and our customer area is authorized for people aged 18, the majority in France.
We also recommend that you be very careful to prevent the slightest accident and to check with your host if the house is alert to questions about:
Burn injuries
Carbon monoxide
Choking and strangulation
Coating and suffocation
Television and loose furniture
Water and drowning
We have some activities for children that our partners offer, in order to satisfy our family clientele. However, we would like to remind you that all activities for minor children must be done under the supervision of an adult. We also advise you to read carefully the descriptions of the activities for the children in order to agree and be able to ask all the questions necessary for the partner.
Some of our hosting providers are present on the booking.com platform. In order to make certain reservations more quickly and to allow you to benefit from our promotions, it is possible for you to book certain guest houses directly on booking.com.
If you book through booking.com your reservation will of course be confirmed according to the instructions applied on the platform.
To cancel a booking on booking.com you will need to see their cancellation conditions depending on the accommodation. Booking.com is a separate booking platform from Escapade Française.
If the property where you want to book is no longer available, it usually means that its calendar is full on its dates. There are two options: the first is that you can search and book the same property on booking.com for another date. Or you can contact us by email at efbookingaffiliate@escapadefrancaise.com and tell us the desired dates and the desired accommodation, we will make you a counter proposal corresponding to your needs for your stay in France.
Check-in and check-out times are not fixed in some cases, they can be modified according to your arrival time and the host's disposition to welcome you.