Sarah Picaud

I speak French - English - German

Who Am I ?
Since I was a child, I am passionate about the Middle Ages, and I decided that my passion would become my everyday life and my work. Since 2011, I have my professional card as tourist guide, and I have had the possibility to discover Tours and its areas to the various public. What I like in this work: Is to speak about the great History of France in a simple and comprehensible way for everybody, and to spend a nice time sharing with the people I am guiding. In my visits, I approach architecture, important historical incidents, important characters which have marked our History, the evolution of cities and monuments, the everday life and I like to give some anecdotes.

Tour Guide
In France, the guide profession is regulated by the article L.221-1 of the touristic code, which fixes the conditions of organisation and the selling of travels, and regulates the visits conditions in museums and historical monuments. The obtaining of the professional card is required to do guided tours in museums and historical monuments, and the conditions are fixed by the article R.221-1 of touristic code.

Tours organized by the guide

Langeais or Chenonceau Castle tour
From 95€ / p.
Amboise tours
From 95€ / p.
Loches tours
From 95€ / p.
Tours city
From 95€ / p.