Fleur de Lune - Saint Barthelemy Island

Islands - West Indies

"FLEUR DE LUNE" is a surprising blend of authenticity, comfort and modernism while respecting nature. It is an ecolodge of charm and character composed of 12 accommodations divided into bungalows, villas and rooms. Each is decorated and personalized.

"FLEUR DE LUNE" integrates perfectly with its environment since its conception until its exploitation.

In a preserved environment of greenery and in its natural environment which surrounds it you are welcomed on the edge of one of the most sumptuous beaches in the world where all is charm and harmony: SALINE You will be allowed to travel differently with a concern to meet ecological and environmental rules. The goal is to minimize the negative impacts of tourism.

Our type of accommodation is part of the Ecotourism or Responsible Tourism movement.

It answers a few principles: - preserve the local flora and fauna, - give priority to the local economy, - to introduce visitors and employees to respect for the environment, - limit the consumption of water and electricity, - reduce the environmental impact of waste.

All descriptions are exclusively the total property from our partners.
From 180 € /night
Price of the full privatised property : from 9000€ / week
Number of rooms : 1
Booking restrictions: No
Do the owners have pets? No
Pets accepted: No

Your host: Maryse & Stephane

These are just local general principles. We are running for a Label, adapted to our island. We want to be of maximum benefit to the local population with positive spinoffs. Establish the mutual acquaintance between the visitor and the host population. A professional and involved team will be happy to welcome you in this friendly and cosy area.


Fleur de Lune
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