La Divine Comédie

Citybreak - Avignon

Welcome to the largest private garden in Avignon…

Set in the largest private garden in Avignon, in the heart of a Provence overflowing with history, La Divine Comédie offers luxury accommodation all year round. More than just a bed and breakfast, our magnificent town house features five suites which all invite you to take a journey through time and history.


Just a stone’s throw from the spectacular Popes’ Palace, there’s something magical about La Divine Comédie. Blending elegance with tradition, there’s also a touch of the unexpected about the place, adding a certain extra je ne sais quoi. Take time to watch the koi carp swimming in the shade of the ancient plane trees, or kick off your shoes and wander through the freshly-cut grass on the lawn, looking up to the sky – you’ll forget you’re in the heart of a bustling city!

All descriptions are exclusively the total property from our partners.
From 360 € /night
Price of the full privatised property : from 16800€ / week
Number of rooms : 1
Booking restrictions: No
Do the owners have pets? Yes
Pets accepted: No

Your host: La Divine Comédie

Amaury & Gilles are delighted to welcome you at La Divine Comédie


La Divine Comédie
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