Boutique hotels in Paris

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Boutique hotels in Paris are the best plan to stay in small but stylish places. With unique features and emplacement, you will discover all the Parisian must-sees by walking from your place to stay.

Here are some of our handpicked boutique hotels in Paris:

Yoga retreats in Paris

hoy hotel in Paris
Hoy hotel in Paris

HOY is a meeting place, revolving around the health and well-being of the body, mind, and soul in the heart of one of the world’s most beautiful cities, where an international team is waiting to help you make it today happen.

House of Yoga means HOY, this hotel is the best solution for a break for the mind and the soul. You participate in yoga classes, ayurvedic sessions, and meditation. Different types of massage are offered.

Being not only a practice, but yoga also represents the amusement of living in the present moment, and that moment is today and now. Gathering different disciplines to find a moment with your inner self, start listening to your body, and arouse curiosity. The spirit we’re aspiring to embrace.

In each of our 22 rooms, you’ll find natural air purifiers, dance bars for easy stretching, and yoga set for personal practice.

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Hotel Henriette in Paris

Hotel Henriette in Paris
Hotel Henriette

Henriette Hotel is one of the best boutique hotels in Paris. Indeed, with 32 rooms, it's a Rive Gauche Bohemian Boutique Design Hotel in Paris. Located on a small and quiet cobblestone street close to the Mouffetard district, our hotel offers a truly unique and intimate experience. The hotel is accessible and exclusive, Henriette hotel is the very epitome of a luxury that is both cool and completely desirable. #ILoveHenriette

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Enjoy a great stay in Paris and contact us with any questions.