Have you thought about booking a BnB, but aren’t sure if you should because you don’t know how it works? Here are a few things you need to know before booking one.

If you have a problem with a guesthouse, it is recommended to have an amicable settlement. If it doesn’t work, contact your local consumer association, as they will help you arrange the problem with a departmental direction.
In the worst of cases, you may take the case to court.

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Here are a few more details you need to know : - A guest house cannot offer more than 5 rooms and cannot welcome more than 15 people
- The host must be the one welcoming you
- Sanitary measures must be taken at no extra cost
- Every single BnB must be declared to their local town hall

At the end of your journey, the host must give you a receipt or a note with the date, the time you spent at their BnB, which room you stayed in, the location, your name and where you live, prices, taxes, the included services and finally, the total amount you owe them for your stay.

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by Sarah M