Carnac Alignment

1. Visiting Brittany is a plunge into history while travelling through peaceful modern towns. The bay of Mont Saint-Michel, the alignments of Carnac, the Solidor Tower, Rennes, the Breton capital or the castles in Upper Brittany, are all places not to be missed!

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Mont Saint-Michel Bay

Even if this beautiful island is not Breton (about 4km away…), they are worth the detour. A real architectural treasure, this place is considered by the Bretons as the first wonder of the world. Children, as well as parents, will enjoy a unique environment. Don't hesitate to visit it.

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2. A Rich Heritage

In Brittany, we have our magnificent landscapes but also sublime towns and villages. Stroll through the cobbled streets of old Rennes, the medieval city of Dinan or Vannes with its half-timbered houses, walk along the ramparts of Concarneau and St Malo, admire the pretty little stone houses with blue shutters of Bréhat, the castles of Fougères.

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3. Giant water amusement park

An amusement park in the middle of the ocean being in a region surrounded by the sea, water activities are omnipresent, a desire for kite surfing or windsurfing You are at the right place! But also activities such as paragliding, sand yachting, paddle, canoeing, kayaking, boating, underwater fishing…).

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4. Warm People

The Bretons are not overwhelmed by tourists, so they are very available and easily affordable. They love their region and will make you feel at home with their warm welcome and their sharing of culture. They love to pass on to you the many mystical legends and traditions that make up the charm of this authentic country.

5. Between crêpes and shellfish

How can you evoke Brittany without mentioning the good Breton pancakes and crêpes, accompanied by local products such as authentic salted butter or caramel to make you taste the taste of Brittany?
Terre de Peche is the French region par excellence for the abundance of fish, what better than a delicious seafood platter on the bay of Quiberon.

6. Thousands of festivals

A festive region with many cultural events, from Breton dancing to the maritime festival in Brest, you will be delighted by these farandoles of entertainment.
Without forgetting the cream of the festivals, always an abundance of choice. According to your preferences, from jazz to rock through techno and with a detour to popular music you will find your happiness.

7. Arouse your senses in a delicious market place 500-year-old market

Three hundred retailers, 10,000 customers and walkers all year round. Every Saturday morning, holidaymakers contemplate the rows of the market on Place des Lices.

Lices Market

The market of Les Lices is more than a simple market it is a pleasure, a superb moment shared, dynamic and varied it will satisfy you, The market is outside and inside (there are two very pretty halls grouping together butchers/butchers/caterers/cheesemakers/bakers.
This market is now present since four centuries indeed every Saturday morning, the holidaymakers contemplate the rows of the market on the Place des Lices it is always full yet these regulars are never completely satisfied.

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8. Visit a legendary forest

This Breton forest may be called Paimpont on the maps, but everyone refers to it by its mythical name. Broceliande, forever linked to King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table and the enchanter Merlin.

Only three-quarters of an hour from Rennes, this forest is a magical sight to be discovered during beautiful hikes. However, if you look on a map, you won't find any trace of it, since it bears the name of "Paimpont". Here, the imagination is so strong that it seems to have taken precedence over reality over time.

It must be said that at that time there was neither barbed wire nor rammed wire and that all the ingredients were there to stimulate the imagination: hills covered with moorland, woods of various species, stones with evocative shapes, springs, torrents…
And the heritage we come to seek is above all intangible. Come and take a walk if you want to dream!

By Kévin LAGES